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Bristle brush use precautions
Feb 07, 2018

Many users in the new purchase brush, the first use, most of the reaction will lint, in fact, as the brush is made of relatively soft and fragile animal hair, the transport process will result in a very small squeeze bristles Damaged or broken, the so-called hair loss is only attached to the brush itself has been broken off the miscellaneous hair, broken hair, which is allowed within the quality range, with the kind of hair removal is generally considered two different things. Moreover, the first use, if you have some knowledge of brush and do some simple treatment, basically even the miscellaneous hair, broken hair will not appear.

1, the new brush before the first use of the bristles soaked in warm water, and then gently bristle brush with your fingers, so you can mix the miscellaneous hair, broken hair removed, the basic process can avoid the use of hair loss.

2, repeated use in the future, before use can also be used before the first soaked bristles, so to prevent bifurcation of bristles. If it is used to brush grease, you can use detergent like detergent. If it is used to brush water class, use warm water to clean.