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How to choose a good paintbrush
Feb 07, 2018

1, the ends of the bristles are forked, can be dipped in a large amount of paint, release the paint more evenly (so that the film is smooth and uniform)

2, thick and pointed tapered bristles paint paintbrush can make the paint release more slowly, even more, its overall taper makes it particularly convenient when coating straight lines and tangential places.

3, a brush made of flexible bristles can maintain its overall shape

4, bristles in the middle of the long brush on both sides of the brush edge and corner position easier to use.

5, the length of the bristles should be 50% longer than the width of the brush. Long bristles dipped in and released the paint better, brushing corners or trim location is also easier.

6, using the plug and epoxy adhesive to the mane firmly fixed on the handle, brushing will not be pulled out, so that it will not stick to the paint on the bristles.

7, a good, balanced hardwood handle will make the brush easier to use, wooden handle than the plastic handle comfortable; Hardwood handle strong and moisture-proof than the soft handle.