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The use of paint brush paint brush method
Feb 07, 2018

1. When using a new paint brush, rub its head back and forth over a clean and rough surface, straighten the bristles, and wipe off the bristles to be dropped. Every time you use brushing should remove the residual hair and dust.

2. Brush dipped in paint, into the tank liquid up to half the length of the bristles, preferably 1/3 length. Dip the paint should touch the tank wall with the tip of the brush several times to make the paint brush full of paint but will not shed.

3. When brushing, the grip is usually gripped by a straight grip, and the brush is rotated by the wrist. At the same time, it is coordinated with the movement of the arm and the body.

After the paint brush is used, the brush should be cleaned in the solvent to remove the paint in the brush, then thoroughly cleaned with water. Finally, comb the bristles clean, dry, ready for the next use. If the paint brush off time is short, the brush should be soaked in water, so that the entire bristles do not emerge from the water, the next time you just use the water to dry.