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Toothbrush conservation methods
Feb 07, 2018

After brushing, use water thoroughly to wash, not only to wash away the residual toothpaste and food debris on the toothbrush, but also try to dry the water on the toothbrush, put the toothbrush head up into the mouth cup, placed in a dry and ventilated place. Because wet toothbrush easily breed bacteria. Some scholars have found that whether it is healthy or patient's toothbrush, after a month, there is a lot of bacteria on the toothbrush. Impure toothbrushes not only cause inflammation of the gums, but also a source of infection for many diseases.

Most of the toothbrush is made of nylon wire, easily deformed by heat, it can not be washed in hot water, but can not be disinfected by boiling. A toothbrush can not be long-term use, is generally replaced once a quarter, or found toothbrush fur curly fork should be promptly replaced, so as not to bristle stab gums.

To adhere to the principle of one toothbrush, so as not to cause the spread of infectious diseases.

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