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Industrial Brush Type
Feb 07, 2018

Used in industrial production, the main role is to dust, polishing, cleaning, grinding.

By industry can be divided into: the metal industry; pickling alkali washing brush, polishing brush

Food and beverage industry: all kinds of vegetable shredder brush, mushroom washing machine brush, brush to hair mixed hair, fruit washing machine brush

Textile printing and dyeing industry: all kinds of stereotypes brush wheel, needle plate, chain, cloth folder, singeing machine brush, sanding machine brush, brush machine brush, comb machine brush, spinning machine brush leather

Footwear: Deburring machine brush, meat cutting machine brush, polishing brush, (wool wheel, cloth wheel, horse hair wheel, bristle wheel)

Woodworking furniture industry: sanding machine brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush

Environmental protection industry: a variety of road sweeping brush, brush washing machine,

Glass industry: washing machine brush, edging machine brush

PCB, electronic: PP, PU, PVC, PVA absorbent sponge wheel, non-woven cloth roller, finger grinding wheel, felt type brush roller, volcanic ash brush roller, pressure brush, through brush (test tube brush)

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