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Paint Brush Maintenance
Feb 07, 2018

1, paint brushing the furniture after drying, not in the direct sunlight at the window or door, so as not to ultraviolet long-term exposure, leading to paint dry cracked powder.

2, paint a good furniture, non-use plastic sheeting or newspaper long-term coverage. To prevent the film sticky, tarnished.

3, stained furniture available rags dipped in a small amount of detergent or detergent to wipe, then wipe with water, rag clean.

4, furniture should avoid using weapon sculpting, do not use other hard things collide.

5, water cup, hot rice cooker is best not to contact directly with the coating surface, the application of liner, so as not to burn the film.

6, furniture, paint damage, paint should be timely. In order to avoid wood expansion, causing foaming, peeling phenomenon.