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Roller Brush Classification
Feb 07, 2018

Roller brush classification:

Roller brush divided hair, hair, short hair three, the performance of the length of the roller bristles, rather than the thickness and length of the drum itself, the bristles are usually divided into two kinds of wool and chemical fiber.

Different roller brush will brush out different effects, hair rollers will brush out some small texture, bumpy feeling, similar to the texture effect. Short hair roller painted finish is relatively uniform, smooth, no bumpiness, hair in between the two.

Roller brush is made of wool, made of foam, can be divided into paint roller brush, brush hair brush, floor paint roller brush, flat roller brush, etc., mainly used for large-scale construction and decoration paint roll coating. And can be used to paint a variety of reconcile paint, such as: latex paint, anti-rust paint, interior and exterior paint, wallpaper and so on.