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Wire Brush Applications
Feb 07, 2018

1, wire brush wire brush in particular, is usually used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plant, a series of stainless steel wire brush roller installed in the automatic high-speed brush polishing machine (brush machine).

2, wire brush roller and rolling movement in the opposite direction in the upper and lower surface of the strip rotating brush to the iron oxide scale. Brush off the oxide scale closed circulating cooling water flushing system washed away. General coil wire thickness of 1.09-6.35mm, wire brush renewal cycle for the production of 20,000 t or 40,000 t coil once updated. Common specifications 6 * 14 or 5 * 14 holes, 304 stainless steel wire or ordinary wire can be. Each hole is usually 5 root folded into the wire, wire stretched out in about 20mm. Ordinary steel wire brush is easy to rust, not used, compared with 304 stainless steel wire made of wooden handle wire brush quality difference is too much.

3, wire pipe brush is generally used for industrial pipe, mechanical screw cleaning rust, polishing cleaning, pipe brush process using steel wire or stainless steel wire clip in the middle of two iron wire or four wire twisted with a mechanical twist.

4, stainless steel ultra-fine elastic wire brush dedicated to cleaning ceramic anilox, which is due to the hardness of the ceramic is much larger than the wire hardness, wire brush will not damage the anilox roller surface ceramic layer.

5, ultra-fine elastic copper wire brush is used to clean the chrome-plated metal anilox roller, gravure roller common necessary cleaning tools, with the use of cleaning agent better.

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