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Wire Brush Model
Feb 07, 2018

Steel wire brush used in wire types 201 #, 206 #, 304 #, 316 #, etc., for different purposes choose the appropriate type of wire, select a different wire diameter, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and achieve the desired removal effect .201 # Steel wire easier to rust after soaking, 206 # stainless steel wire its toughness is much stronger than the 204 #, suitable for aluminum factory scratches the surface of the aluminum strip, the basis of special treatment, or for the plastic industry, wood to go Burr and so on. 304 # stainless steel wire is a kind of high quality steel wire. It not only has strong toughness and acid and alkali resistance, but also is suitable for the steel or mining and machinery manufacturing industries. It can remove rust, oil and pickling on the steel surface. Wire has two kinds of straight wire and corrugated wire, the thickness of the wire can be based on different needs.